Online Defensive Driving Course

Take the Online Defensive Driving Course without ever leaving your home!

Even the most minor of accidents can have grave consequences…

  • FRIVOLOUS LAW SUITS: You know no one was injured yet you’re faced with a multi-million dollar liability law suit. You might have insurance for this, but get ready for the rate hikes!
  • ROAD RAGE: You’ve seen it on the news – hitting the wrong person at the wrong time can set off a series of events that can lead to everything from a fist fight to murder. You can’t buy insurance to offset this scenario.
  • SERIOUS INJURY: Even the most minor accident brings the risk of a serious injury that could affect you for the rest of your life. Whether driving on the highway or around town you need to be aware of the potential for disaster!
  • EXPENSIVE AUTO REPAIRS: The cost of auto repairs today is incredible. Insurance may help, but deductibles keep getting higher and higher. And just one minor accident can start your rate skyrocketing!
  • ENDLESS WORRY: You worry about the aggressive driving habits of your son or daughter. You worry that they may not be able to steer clear of the ever-present dangers of other drivers. You worry that you haven’t done enough to keep them safe.


**If you intend to take this course for an insurance discount, you must verify with your agent or insurance company that they will accept the DDC-PC Certificate of Completion issued by the National Safety Council. Requirements for insurance discounts vary by state. This course is not intended for motor vehicle point reduction or ticket dismissal programs.